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Our new Real Estate website is now active! We invite you to visit and experience as a new way to search properties online in Los Cabos and Baja Sur. The new website allows you to search any available property for sale (lots, houses, villas and condos anywhere in Southern Baja):  deals and fire sales and great opportunities are included in the website! Follow the link and start enjoying the new website and feel free to contact us!



Beach Club Access for Alegranza Guests and Owners

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Alegranza has special arrangements with several beach clubs and beachfront resorts that offer mesmerizing pools, wonderful restaurants, and amazing beach facilities. ¨Barceló Los Cabos¨ and ¨Cabo Azul Resort¨ have been offering our guest an amazing day on their facilities. Now adding on to that list we have newly built ¨El Ganzo¨ Hotel located in Scenic Puerto Los Cabos where you and your family can enjoy a 10% discount on all foods and beverages at ¨Ganzo de Playa¨, this extraordinary hotel restaurant.

“Mexico is one step closer in allowing foreigners to buy their homes on beaches and borders.”

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The first step is already taken in order for foreigners to purchase properties along the Mexican coasts and borders; this restriction is established in the first fraction of Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution. The Political Party “PRI” has tried unsuccessfully since 2009 to put this issue on the political agenda, and now after regaining the presidency with Enrique Peña Nieto, they have finally brought it forward.

The “PRI” politician, Mario Fabio Beltrones, who presented the government’s proposal for the amendment of the law, stated:

“Before, a constitutional restriction that had historical significance, has become obsolete, we propose to authorize foreign acquisition of properties on the coast and borders of the country [in the rest is allowed], when these are exclusively for home and non-commercial purposes”

The Lower House of Congress has approved the reform, which in the coming weeks will be debated by the Senators and then sent to the President of México for his approval.

In Mexico, the ban has its origin in the Constitution of 1917. Because we had suffered numerous invasions and wars and, as a matter of protecting the territory, the government shielded strategic areas, called restricted areas, that cover a strip where only those with Mexican nationality can acquire as title holders land located within 100 kilometers inland from the border, and 50 kilometers inland along the coast.

Nowadays, the prohibition imposed by constitutional law is avoided by setting up trusts called Restricted Zone where a financial institution (Bank) acts as owner, granting foreigners the use and enjoyment of the property with the safety that for any sale or transfer of rights, this will be done through written instructions from the foreigner.

Amendment to article 27 of the Constitution

For many people, the reform to Article 27 of the Constitution might bring to Mexico more foreign investment, however this law reform will have limitations and conditions regarding the property in restricted areas and borders given to foreigners:

• The property shall be used only for residential purpose only.

• It´s prohibited using the property for commercial purposes.

• The foreigners must convene with the Mexican Government to be considered Mexican nationals in order to acquire land in the restricted areas . • The foreigners must agree to not appeal for the protection of any foreign government, under penalty of losing the their benefits.

It is important to mention that the proposal for the reform to Article 27 of the Constitution is still in the legislative process.

Fourth Annual Boat Show

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Cabo Marine Show returns for the fourth annual year bringing the best nautical
and marine industry products and services that Mexico has to offer. This
year event is expected to draw more than 4,000 visitors from mainland
Mexico, the US, and Canada. The annual event will offer nightly live
entertainment and local musicians. Today, it is the only boat show in Mexico
that offers an open-air, in-water setting with free admission to the general
public in the heart of the downtown area in Cabo San Lucas. The Cabo Marine
Show will take place May 1st through May 4th, 2013.  

Todos Santos Food and Wine Festival

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On May 4th and 5th, Todos Santos will be the host for the 2nd annual Food & Wine Festival. This year Baja’s Food & Wine Festival will have a dozen of wineries and nearly 20 participating restaurants. This unique Baja festival will have wine pairing, exquisite food tastings, live music and art. All funds recollected will go all local Fireman and DIF association (The National System for Integral Family Development). 


Town News: Art and Music

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The June 21st San Jose del Cabo Festival of Music Thursday Night, celebrated their yearly event in great fashion as bands from all over the Cabo area put on show  worthy of a steep price of admission, although the  street wide extravaganza was free to the public. “I have been coming to this Music Fest for the past 3 years and have always had a really good time”, said Martin Ochoa of San Jose del Cabo. “I like all different types of music and this Festival has it all.” And indeed it did, with more than 52 bands that performed during the local street party that started at 4:00 p.m. and didn’t end ‘til 1:00 a.m.
The marquee Mexican rock star, Natalia LaFourcade was a last minute no-show but other bands like Panihari did more than make up for her absence with a thrilling musical collage of several signature jams which the 3 member group played from a never ending well of tunes that electrified the boisterous crowd of new and die-hard fans. “They really sound cool and were very impressive, “commented Damien Jefferson of Atlanta, “ I was calling them the go-go girls, cuz I didn’t know their name and haven’t seen women play lead guitar and drums like that in a long time. It was a cool club sound and you could really get into the beats.” The group’s name originates from the Indian states of Asia where water is a precious commodity of which the Rajasthani term Panihari refers to women who set out daily to fetch water. The Panihari’s of India, play a highly critical role in desert communities.
 The local band, Panihari, played an eclectic sound reminiscent of the Grateful Dead. Only one song in their hour and 20minute performance contained any lyrics as the talented trio of Daniela Hernandez, lead guitar, Moises Rojas Nava, bass and Fabiola on drums kept the audience happily entertained, playing a much requested encore tune before their departure.

G20 Summit in Los Cabos

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This year’s G20 Summit is scheduled for June 18-19 in Los Cabos. The G20 Summit is a prestigious gathering of leaders and ministers from 20 of the most economically powerful countries in the world including: the United States, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, France, Italy ,India, Indonesia, Turkey, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Canada, Russia, China, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. The G20 forum comes together to study and promote discussions about issues related to industrialized countries to maintain a stable international financial system.

Los Cabos was chosen to host this summit for many reasons. The destination’s first class-hotel and airport infrastructure were noted as two very important factors in the decision. In the past years, Cabo has made significant improvements. Putting in new highways and new infrastructures have added much appeal to the destination. The fact that Los Cabos has over 300 days of sunshine and amazing weather adds to the appeal of hosting the summit there.

When having world leaders in one location, one of the most important factors is safety.  Cabo is located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula and is completely off the drug trafficking routes, making it a very safe destination. Cabo is one of the safest destinations in Mexico, as the logistics of the area make it very safe and secure.

The G20 Summit will be held in the new Convention Center in Cabo, which was built specifically to host this event. The 653,400 square foot center can compete with the likes of other Mexican hotspots such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City. Designed to accommodate over 6,000 people, the Convention Center is the perfect place to hold the G20 Summit. Built specifically for the purposes of hosting conventions and summits such as this, the Convention Center represents $100,000,000 investment by the federal government and a $1,500,000 investment from the state of Baja California Sur.

Our restaurant on site with our home chef Casiano Reyes was elected to feed all this important people with his unique mexican culinary style. “No menu, no rules” is the way it describes the “spontaneous cuisine” dining experience you’re about to enjoy here. If you’re an open-minded, trusting, and adventurous eater, you’ll enjoy this restaurant, which is full of surprises.  Five-course meals and food-wine pairings are the specialties. Reservations are strongly recommended.

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